Who I AM? How I can help you?

Who I Am?

Welcome! I am Anne-Sophie. I help you find your true nature, create an aligned and purposeful life by embodying your intuition. Being a high sensitive/gifted person as definitely being challenging for me over the years. I had a constant mental chatter in my head. Following a deep experience, pure awareness and bliss during few days, I found peace + stillness inside me. I began channeling, and later connected to my own Inner Voice, my own Intuition.

After a work on myself, letting go of old patterns, mass consciousness conditions and trapped emotions, I’m now sharing my knowledge and understanding and proposing trainings and consultations to help people find their true self.

After my Spiritual Awakening, it took me a while to realize the body-mind was in trauma mode (freeze/flight) and also that no matter what I was doing on the superconscious, the subconscious needed to be addressed in a different way. I had to see this holistically: BODY / MIND / SPIRIT + SUPER/SUB CONSCIOUS ; and I help people based on this.

〰️ Spiritual tools (higher mind)
〰️ Mental-Psychological tools (subconscious + humanity)
〰️ Body Care (trauma, energy).

Finally, I am for a “down-to-Earth” spiritually, based on mindfulness and humanness, and always grounded.

There are different levels of consciousness that relate to things differently. And one person could hear this and be like that feels so good it’s exactly what I needed to hear whereas another person could hear this and it could actually just create more of a sever from being human and from being on the Earth. If you are exploring consciousness in whatever ways you are, if it is not helping you become more human and more kind and more here on the Earth then I do not see it as a worthy exploration. If it’s not serving to help you BE HERE MORE I think it can become a distraction. There’s a lot of spiritual distractions that ultimately actually take us away from our ability to be here. Pilar Marie Lesko