Inner Voice Deep Dive

It’s time to center yourself
& follow your inner guidance

Whether you are looking for more calm, an energetic cleanse, or clarity and answers on issues that are currently troubling you, your Inner Voice has all the information you need to guide you.

Each session is recorded and sent to you for playback and integration.

Emotional release

Are you feeling a lot of emotions? Are you overwhelmed? Discouraged by your life situation and unable to take a step back? During the sessions, we release old blocked emotions (what Eckart Tolle calls the “pain body”). This will allow you to be more peaceful in life, and to hear your inner Voice more clearly.

Lightness & Alignment

The sessions strengthen your connection with your Inner Voice.
This transformative experience allows you to reach a state of bliss, release emotional blocks and discover the wisdom of your inner self in all aspects of your life.

Inner Journey

Intuitive connection allows you to completely free yourself from your mind. We will explore all of your questions regarding career, abundance/money, health and body, love and relationships. Together with your Higher Self, we will discover your inner truths, find your limiting beliefs and release energetic blocks.

How do you know if a session/Coaching is right for you?

Breathe deeply, tune into your heart space and allow it to reclaim sovereignty over your decision-making. Ask “should I do this coaching inner voice?” Let your innate knowing, your inner wisdom answers.

If your inner voice says it’s right for you, then it’s a yes! Don’t let the mind interferes on this deep urge, & we’ll see what wisdom is ready for you to be discovered!


Reconnexion to Self

inner voice embodiment coaching
Go Deeper & reconnect fully mind/body & spirit.

Embark on a transformational journey in this intuitive coaching program.

You are reading books, watching videos, applying what others say or teach.⁠ If it brings joy, this is wonderful.⁠

But are you not still feeling stuck sometimes? Don’t you feel it’s not 100% aligned with your own vibration?⁠ Or are you in a deep spiritual crisis? Not knowing where to go and what to do? I’ve been there.

Now you need to stop turning around, face the crisis or the spiritual bypassing & escapism, and go deeper.⁠

✨ It’s time to ask your own guru, the deeper you.⁠

We will work together on many levels:

  • Connect your heart & your mind
  • Deepen your intuitive abilities
  • Clean your body layers: physical / emotional / mental / spiritual
  • Ask your inner voice all the questions you need on your life
  • Unblock behavioural patterns and different emotional and energetic blocks, to become the most aligned you.


5 online (video) calls of 1-1.5 hours, to be scheduled at dates and times agreed upon in advance.
Weekday email coaching/coaching with voice messages:
If you are in a specific problem/mood where you are stuck and in need of guidance, you can send me an email or message at a specific email address/work number. Depending on the need, I will respond as quickly as possible in the form of an email or voice message. In this way you can be helped as quickly and efficiently as possible when you need it, without having to wait until the next weekly coaching session. You will receive a reply within 24 hours after your email/voice between 8 am and 5 pm French time.
I create a specific work plan for you depending on your needs in which I give you specific reading and podcasting tips, teach exercises if needed and give you a clear work schedule which we then discuss in the coaching calls.

Price: 333 € / month

If the program feels aligning for you, contact me or send an email ✨