snowy forest

When life is a pause.

The mind is not allowing the break right now. But it’s like if the mind was not allowing winter. Winter is. Winter is. Winter is because Winter needs to be. There is no-one that says winter is useless, winter is not serving something, for the divine intelligence creating all the thing is much more wise that the mind, so the divine intelligence knows what it is doing, but it’s not seen with the eyes of with the mind. Because the mind only thinks about itself, only thinks with it’s own views, own perceptions, own sense of being, own sense of reality. For when you go back to the truth, to the love of it all, you see the magic, you see the unfolding, you see it’s all for a reason, that nothing is in vain, that it’s like apply, a symphony, perfect, where each note has the perfect place, where you can’t say that this note is useless, as you can’t say the winter is useless, or the pause you are in right now is useless.
How can you know the pause is the good thing?
The mind is fighting and battling. But we can ay to you, the pause is here for a reason and a good one, you just need to relax and trust, and see. That all is well and all is good. And patience is a virtue for the brave and courageous that know it doesn’t work sometimes to go go go go and let things be and let things flow. Sometimes it’s easier to let the wood be carried by the water and arrive where you want it to, than work hard to transport them. Sometimes life is working in your favor even if you can’t see it, sometimes Life has its own way. And the one who says « Life is against me, life doesn’t understand » this one doesn’t know Life. Doesn’t know underneath. Doesn’t know deep. Doesn’t know the Truth. Frot eh ruth is all is always working for you, not against you, all is always well. Even if it doesn’t seem that way for the mind.
Sometimes breaks are a way to go back on all the past, all the previous mistakes, and clean it all. It’s like being in a refuge between two parts of an ascension, and gathering strengths, gatherings forces, seeing what worked during the first ascension, and preparing the next. Seeing the truth, what matters, what is important, letting go of what doesn’t serve, of what you thought was going to be useful but you were wrong because maybe you heard the others alpinists using this or that, but this or that wasn’t useful for you and won’t be useful for the next ascension. It’s asking the deeper question, going deep, it’s seeing what really matter, it’s like making an introspection, and going deep in you, to see what you want to do, and where you want to go. It’s like cleaning it all, cleaning yourself. It’s going to the roots of who you are, going deep deep dee, where you didn’t think you would be able to go, it’s letting go, of the old, of the wrong limiting beliefs, of the sentences that where not yours, the behaviors, the beliefs, that ere not yours. Learned but not loved, learned, but not vibrated. Learned, but useless. Learned, but not in line, with who you are, where you are going. What you are here to do. The light and love you are.
Why is she not trusting, that the Universe is here helping her, that she has nothing to fear, that millions of beings are holding her, supporting her, cheering her, being here with her? As for all of you, there is a force underneath it all, that is supporting it all. Then, when you think you are alone, there is the all of that is that is supporting you, for you are never alone, never lost, never abandoned.
The music is the music of it all, the orchestra playing, and never one is let on the side, for everyone is playing his/her instrument on the same time, and never the chef d’orchestre, the maestro, is letting one if his player down, for he loves all of them.
The mind needs to let go of what it thinks is true, that you need to do and to be someone to be someone. You are already a light, a sparkle of light, you are a light in the world, and your value lies nowhere than inside, for you are a creature of God, you are a creation, a divine creation, and nothing is unvalued. All has
value, because all was created by God. There is nothing to fear, and nothing to worry about. You are enough, you matter, you have value. Even the little grass of herb as value. Do you think it does « something » on your own words? Like creating projects, helping people, or all the things the mind tell you you need to do? He is a part of God. He is creation manifested. Here lies its value. It doesn’t need to do anything. For he is a part of it all. Love. Love. Love.
You have nothing to prove, nothing to be, nothing to do. Just be.
You don’t have to do anything, you just are. Just are. Just are.

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